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    A herd of Zebras in your pocket.

Catching a Zebra is easier than you think.
Download the Zebra Cabs app and take advantage of the latest technology.

Need more seats?

When it’s you and 4 or more friends, we’ll supersize your cab with Cab +.

Need to book a trip?

Book a trip at the moment you need it or plan ahead and pre-book using the ‘Pickup Date’ selection function.

Need flexible payments?

Pay with a credit card in-app, swipe your debit card in the Zebra Cab or pay cash. We’ve also lowered our rates to only R8 per kilometre.

Need to have more?

Get the fare estimate and ETA or leave a note for your driver.


More features

  • New card security features. The app will ask you to re-register and enter your card details.
  • Set a pickup address
  • See nearby Zebra Cabs
  • Get an accurate ETA to your drop off address
  • Cab + available for groups of more than 5 people

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Zebra Cabs App

Zebra Cabs App

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