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Everything you need to know about our herd of Zebra Cabs.

Zebra Cabs App

1. Open the app
2. Click on “Register”
3. Fill in your details
4. A 4 digit OTP (one time pin) will be SMSed to you
5. Key in the 4 digit code received
6. Hit “Done”
7. Voila! You have a herd of Zebras in your pocket.

Please note that on both Android and IOS, a pre-Authorisation charge of R1 will be charged and refunded as a means to confirm the validity of the card. The refund may take a few working days.

Kindly note as well that you can load a maximum of two cards per device.

On Android:

Go to the main menu and select “Credit Card”.
At the bottom of the screen, select “Add New Credit Card”.
Please enter your card details and select “Add Card”.

Go to the main menu and select “Wallet”.
Select “Add Payment Method” followed by “Credit Card” and proceed to enter your card details.

Only South African credit and cheque cards are accepted on the Zebra Cabs app.
All debit cards (including Capitec’s global one card) and non-South African cards are not accepted.

On successful registration and / or login a button that reads “Pick me up” appears in the middle of the screen. Next to that button you will see a time which indicates the approximate time it will take for a Zebra to reach your pick up location.

To book, select “Pick me up”.

This will direct you to a new screen where you can choose to book the cab immediately or schedule a specific time you would like to be collected.

To view what the trip will cost you beforehand, select “Add Destination” and enter the destination, a fare estimate will then be displayed.

Once you are happy to proceed select “Place Booking”.

The screen will display that your booking is confirmed and an automated SMS will be sent as well. Please press “ok” on the app.

The number 1 will appear in the top left corner of the screen. To track your Zebra and watch its arrival in real time, select the “1” and then “Bookings”. Then select “track” which will be in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The app will display a real-time view of your Zebra’s arrival and a clock will countdown the Zebra reaches the pick-up location.

You can call the driver at any time by selecting the phone icon on the right of the driver’s details.

If at any stage you need to cancel the booking, there is an option to at the bottom of the screen and you can also call the driver, if necessary, as described above.

When your Zebra arrives at the pick-up point you will receive an SMS and an in app message confirming arrival.

You can also contact the call centre if need be.

Zebra Cabs

Because we are committed to your safety, our operators are educated about your welfare and experience; they are screened through a process which includes, PDP and criminal background checks; their behaviour is reviewed and we check their vehicle records throughout their time with us.

If you have used one of our operators before or have been referred to use a specific operator and have their details, you can arrange a trip directly with them.

Although our operators are equipped with the latest road-mapping technology - enabling them to get to you faster, their arrival depends on the time of day/week/year. Once you book your trip, it can take from 2-20 minutes to get to you. Our call centre will be in-touch after you have booked your trip to let you know exactly how far the nearest Zebra is to you.

For a quote, please contact 0861 105 105 or email: Corporate rates are flexible and agreed upon per contract.

Yes, all our operators have receipt books in their cabs in the event that you require one. Please ask for one. We can also send you an electronic version from our system to an email address you provided to us upon your booking. Please email to request one.

Once we have received your booking, an allocated operator will call you on your cell phone number to confirm your pick-up time and location. Our operator will also let you know how far he/she is, as well as call you if you cannot be located upon arrival.

Yes, we can estimate your trip fee. Our call centre (0861 105 105) will provide you with an estimate for your trip. Alternatively, if you contact one of our operators, they will be able to give you an estimate using their cab meter.

Yes we do. Catch a comfortable, stress free drive to any airport within Gauteng (for now – wait for our migration to other cities.)

Yes, we encourage cab sharing. We currently have enough space for 4 passengers to be transported in total.

We have a minimum charge of R50.00.

Currently there is no cancellation fee for passengers, with the exception to our corporate passengers who have agreed upon a basic cancellation policy.

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